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Above all, many thanks for visiting our web page and for taking an interest in our services.

Our company is a pioneer in the Barcelona Garraf area and is dedicated to architectural design, urban planning and construction.

We have three main groups of customers: Private Property Developers, Construction Companies and Urban Planning and Development.

Each of these has different needs and concerns and we help them to achieve their projects.


Private Property Developers:

If you, like many of our clients, would like to have a tailor made home, designed to your level of taste and comfort, at an affordable price level, you’ll find that Montgros, Arquitectura i Urbanisme, is the ideal partner for you.

Did you know for example that there could be more than 40% difference in price between building a home and buying one already built?

You could save the profit made by the building constructor, since we can provide the land, design the project and lead the construction work all for a fair profit of around 10% net.

In this sense, your investment will always be 100% profitable since you will not be buying at the market price but at the market cost.

This is why, given such a large cost saving, many people are now choosing to take this practical and intelligent approach as I’m sure you will too.

Please contact us and we will prepare a detailed budget for you in terms of project cost, construction cost and taxes.


Construction Companies:

The success of a Construction project always depends upon a team of professionals who know how to strive for the right proposal in order to gain acceptance from the public.

In Montgrós, Arquitectura i Urbanisme we work hard to save time and money, forming a team of professionals who will complete your project within a reasonable time-frame.

We will do a feasibility study and if this turns out to be positive we will design the project, lead the construction work and if you so choose we can also perform the integrated promotion service including administrative tasks, tax/legal and subcontracting.

Please contact us; I’m sure you will not be disappointed.


Urban Planning and Development:

The success of an urban planning project generally depends on having sought all the various State and Government approvals and at the right time.

The feasibility in many cases depends on developing a plan that not only meets regulatory requirements but also respects the environment and considers future needs as well.

With our strength and professional know-how we can ensure that these requirements are fulfilled completely so that you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labour as soon as possible.

MONTGRÓS Arquitectura i Urbanisme, S.L. | C/. Torreta, 25 - Tel.: 93 896 17 87